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Print/TV/Live Internet:

  • “Many Voices, Many Visions”-Rochester, NY
  • HuffPost Live
  • NBC.com
  • Parent’s Magazine
  • Redbook
  • Rochester Woman Magazine
  • Democrat & Chronicle
  • Rochester Business Journal
  • Brother Wease morning show
  • Beth Adams WHAM 1180
  • In Good Health
  • Messenger Post Media
  • Full Circle (Adoption Angles podcast)
  • Adoptive Families Magazine
  • Write Mind Open Heart blog
  • The Fertility Blogs


Erica is dedicated to educating on the topics of infertility and adoption. After struggling for several years to become pregnant through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), she and her husband decided to pursue adoption. It was at this time that Erica decided to tell her story through blogging in hopes to educate friends and family members about their journey to parenthood. After a short time she realized that people she did not know were reading her blog and finding comfort in knowing that they were not alone in their infertility struggle. After becoming a mother she started the non-profit Parenthood for Me, Inc. in 2008. Within one year the non-profit was awarding grants and helping people pursue their dreams of parenthood.

Erica has become well-known in the infertility and adoption community as an advocate for support and education. She has appeared and been quoted in many different print publications, television and radio.

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Writing Experience

  • Blogger for Messenger Post Media
  • Columnist with Exhale Magazine
  • Columnist with Connecting Rochester Magazine
  • Featured writer for Genesee Valley Parent Magazine
  • Founder and sole contributor of “The Fine Print.” (2007-2009)
  • Founder of and sole contributor of Parenthood for Me blog (2008-present). The blog acts as an interactive medium. It is a place for readers to find support and information about infertility and adoption. Some topics for posts include: adoption, infertility, coping, relationships, lessons learned and motherhood. There are links to other websites and blogs that provide information and other related resources.


Presentations & Talks

“What I Thought I Couldn’t Have”

Erica speaks about the grief and loss she faced when she thought motherhood was not a possibility. She reveals how infertility affects every aspect of life, social, physical and financial and how the stigma of infertility can leave one feeling alone and isolated. She shares her inspirational story of finding her way to motherhood after years of struggle and heartache. In this talk you will find extensive insight on this disease of infertility, affecting 1 in 6 couples, and a supportive voice as Erica shares her candid personal story. She hopes to make people suffering through the disease of infertility feel less alone and to find a place of acceptance and validation.

Don’t think you can relate? Erica conveys in her speech the universality of loss felt by infertility sufferers. Even those who don’t know anyone who could not conceive will be moved and touched to reflect on how they would feel if they could not have had their own children or grandchildren. To bear children and have a family is an expected event in life, and when that possibility is taken away many people are left wondering what to make of their life. For those who have grieved any sort of loss, this talk will provide the hope that things can work out in the end.

“We Know Who We Are But Not What We May Be” – Shakespeare

Hardships and struggles come when we least expect them. They change our course in life and redefine us. In this talk Erica speaks about how someone can take their difficult situation and turn it into something positive by helping others in a similar situation. In the pay-it-forward mentality, this speech offers insight on how to repurpose pain with the motivation to ease someone else’s burden. Whether it’s starting a charity, doing volunteer work or mentoring others there are many ways to give back.

Erica speaks about how she got the inspiration to begin a non-profit organization from scratch with no experience in fundraising or running a board of directors. This is a heartwarming story about how one woman found a void in our society and wanted to do something about it. We all have the ability to make a difference and change someone’s life. The measures can be big or small but the message is still the same- one person can make a difference.