Campaign for Hope 2017

The mission of Parenthood for Me, Inc. (PFM) is to provide financial and emotional support to those building families through adoption or medical intervention. Having a family is fundamental to the human experience. It should not come down to the size of one’s bank account. For those living with the life crisis of infertility dealing with the added burden and stress of the high cost of family-building alternatives is overwhelming and often heartbreaking because they simply do not have the funds that will help them become parents.

  • There over 7 million Americans suffering from disease of infertility.
  • Many will undergo Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) in an attempt to become pregnant.
  • On average IVF costs $10,000 and often requires several attempts to achieve a viable pregnancy. Assisted Reproductive Technology procedures are only mandated to be covered by health insurance in 15 states; many are must pay out of pocket.
  • Those who choose adoption are faced with an average cost of $25-35,000 for domestic adoption or $25-50,000 for an international adoption.

Since 2010 we have given away financial grants for both adoption and medical intervention such as IVF. PFM has celebrated many successes as a result of our grant cycles. However, every year we turn away more people in need of financial help to fund their adoption costs or ART procedures.

Donating to our Campaign of Hope will help more people realize their dreams of parenthood.

The following is a list of ways your donation is used:

  • Adoption Attorney Fees and Adoption Agency Filing Fees
  • Adoption Home Study
  • Medications necessary for a IVF
  • Travel fees

To pay by check, please request a form via e-mail:
Parenthood for Me, Inc.

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*Parenthood for Me, Inc. is a 501 c(3) charity.